100% Customer Satisfaction for January 2017

By Malthouse Engineering Co. Ltd
schedule13th Feb 17

Starting in January 2017 we will be asking customers we have supplied each month for feedback on how we did and if there is anything we can improve on. This month we are pleased to say we achieved an overall satisfaction rate of 100%. This is based on 22% of customers being “satisfied”, 55% were “very satisfied” and 22% were “extremely satisfied”.

On our delivery speed we also received 100% satisfaction with 33% of customers being “satisfied”, 55% were “very satisfied” and 11% were “extremely satisfied”.

Feedback suggested we need to improve our response times on quoting enquiries where we achieved 89% satisfaction. This month we have been unlucky in having 3 members of our sales team out with illnesses at different times so there have been occasions where enquiries have built up. We are hoping staffing levels will be back to normal in February so we can improve on this score in next months survey.

77% of customers rated us better than other steel profiling firms they have used recently and again 77% said they would recommend us to a friend or colleague.

Comments from those who gave feedback included

“Very friendly & helpful team.”


“We have been dealing with you for a number of years and could count on one hand the number of rejects, so very happy.”

If you wish to leave feedback on how we performed for you can do by emailing [email protected].

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