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Flame Cutting

Our Flame Cutting service is one of the most extensive in the UK. We have 21 profiling machines across our group offering cutting capabilities from 5mm thick up to 500mm in a range of carbon steels.

Lumsden Grinding

The Lumsden Grinding process is a relatively simple one, but it takes skill to set the machine in order to get the required accuracy. The bed of the grinding machine is essentially a big magnet which holds the steel profile in place. The engineer the

Heat Treatment

Our heat treatment services include normalising and stress relieving. Our oven will take profiles up to 3.5m x 2m in size and 6 tonnes in weight.

Steel Fabrication

We offer steel fabrication up to 5 tonnes. This can be in conjunction with our flame cutting and lumsden grinding services or joining sections or of course a combination of both. Specifically we can offer MIG/TIG/MMA welding, shot blasting, power coa

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